Module Two

How AI work

The second module introduces how Artificial Intelligence works, focusing on explaining concepts such as algorithms and machine learning. In addition, the module covers how AI systems are trained and behave, and introduces educators to basic concepts of programming such as if-else statements.

Topic 2.1 - Algorithms and machine learning steps

Students will learn how machine learning algorithms work, having an understanding of data training and classification. The activity will be conducted both through non-digital material (activity 2.1.1) and with the use of Google Teachable Machine (activity 2.1.2). Through these experiences, students will learn how to train an image model and will be able to use Teachable Machine also for further experiments.

  • Activity 2.1.1 Image recognition with “pen&paper”

  • Activity 2.1.2 Teachable machine with Google

Topic 2.2 - Facial recognition and basic programming concepts

This topic covers some practical exercises on the use of Scratch programming language for using some basic AI algorithms for facial recognition.

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