Module One

What is AI

This module introduces the basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence, starting from discussing real-world applications of AI-based technology and presenting the different domains related to AI (computer science, statistics, philosophy, etc.).

The module will explore the society of artificial intelligence, addressing, on the one hand, false myths and unrealistic expectations around AI technology through an honest and critical discussion; and, on the other hand, the challenges posed by AI to ethics, social interactions and communication. This will be achieved through class debates and activities focused on expectations and beliefs about AI, starting a critical reflection on challenges and opportunities of the new technologies.

Topic 1.1 - Defining Artificial Intelligence

Defining AI is a tricky task. The concept of Artificial Intelligence is indeed a moving target, that changes over time reflecting AI development and different social frameworks. The activities in this topic will guide students through the exploration of the main concepts of AI, comparing their visions with the most common definitions of AI. Different definitions will be discussed to let students form their own view and related definition of what AI is. Moreover, it is explained how some forms of intelligence are related to AI and why AI technologies can be considered intelligent or not.

Defining Artificial Intelligence:

  • Activity 1.1.1 Brainstorming on imageries of AI

  • Activity 1.1.2 Class questionnaire

  • Activity 1.1.3 A smart piece of paper

  • Activity 1.1.4 Finding intelligent objects

Topic 1.2 - Interdisciplinarity of AI

Even though AI might seem like a very technical field to many, there is a high level of interdisciplinarity in this field. Next to the technical basis, there are concerns about the ethical implications of AI and how to make such technologies applicable in people’s daily lives.

Interdisciplinarity of AI:

  • Activity 1.2.1: Reverse engineering

  • Activity 1.2.2 Inter-groups discussion

Topic 1.3 - Recognizing AI

The final topic of the module focuses on the recognition of AI technologies in daily life, e.g. when shopping online or browsing through social media. Being aware of AI around them, students will be able to visualize the more technical explanations of the second module in these identified instances of AI in their lives.

Recognizing AI:

  • Activity 1.3.1 Humans vs machines;

  • Activity; 1.3.2 Is it AI or not?

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