Module Three

The AI world

The module focuses on human - AI interactions. It covers applications of AI and machine learning that are already on the market (e.g. computer vision applications, web-search engines) or that will be available in the near future (e.g. autonomous vehicles, humanoid robots). The activities will focus on a critical and honest discussion on what can be achieved thanks to AI and machine learning, what remains far from achievable in the field, and on the fact that AI can impact society in positive and negative ways.

Topic 3.1 - Real-world applications of AI

This topic is based on the idea that AI applications in the real world can have positive and negative effects. Students will be encouraged to discuss opportunities and challenges brought about by existing applications of AI technologies. They will also explore possible current or future developments in the use of AI technologies in the real world through a creative exercise.

  • Activity 3.1.1 AI for good: The (potential) positive impact of AI technologies on social life and global issues

  • Activity 3.1.2. Main societal challenges and risks in the use of AI

  • Activity 3.1.3 Co-Design Fictions

Topic 3.2 - Ethics of AI

This topic focuses on the ethical implications of AI technologies in human-machine interaction. It will introduce some basic concepts in the field of ethics (accountability, respect, inclusion, equity, sustainability) and connect them with practical examples of AI applications in the real world. Students will be encouraged to reflect on the relationship between humans, machines and ethics and to develop their own guidelines on some of the issues addressed in this Module.

  • Activity 3.2.1 Creating Ethical Matrices

  • Activity 3.2.2 Scenario Discussion

  • Activity 3.2.3 Class Code of Ethics

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