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Module One - What is AI

The first module introduces to the basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence, starting from defining Artificial Intelligence and discussing the different domains related to AI (computer science, statistics, philosophy, etc.).

Module Two - How AI works

The second module introduces how Artificial Intelligence works, focusing on explaining concepts such as algorithms and machine learning.

Module Three - The AI world

The module covers applications of AI and machine learning that are already on the market (computer vision applications, web-search engines) or that will be available in the near future (autonomous vehicles, humanoid robots).

Module Four - Life on the net

The fourth module focuses on learning the characteristics of online human - human communication and information exchange through social networks, highlighting the roles AI plays in them.

Group-based project works that are based on the topics discussed in the modules and respond to the interests and needs of the specific class.

Presentation slides and minutes of our meetings

Here you can find a shared folder with the material translated into the languages of the project partners (Greek, Bulgarian, Romanian and Italian)

Here you can find forms and tools used for the evaluation and activities monitoring